Side-Pull Mower-Conditioners

The 500 and 600 series Rotary Disk Mower-Conditioners are designed to cut and condition hay in tough field conditions such as wet, tangled hay and fields with ant hills. The Rotary Disk Mower-Conditioners have several advantages over sickle bar machines, including reduced chance of plugging in tough cutting conditions, reduced daily maintenance requirements, along with increased operating speeds. The 500 and 600 series feature the proven modular cutterbar made of high strength nodular-iron for extra strength and outstanding cutting quality.

The suspension is an advanced design, allowing high working speeds while maintaining an excellent cut quality. Long adjustable springs ensure a constant ground pressure and also fast and soft return to position in case of striking an obstacle. The wide and large tyres reduce soil compacting for less stubble damage and faster grass re-growth. In addition, a wide range of options and attachments are available to fulfil the most specific windrow grouper, wide spread kit and the John Deere exclusive hydraulic tilt angle adjustment.

For years, top growers have depended on John Deere 1365 and 1465 mower-conditioners to lay down perfect windrows for baling and chopping. An electric cylinder lets you switch from one side to the other from the cab to lay two windrows within 3.2m ideal for the John Deere 640C pickup on your forage harvester.

You can also choose to spread the crop with the optional swathboard which spreads the crop on the machine conditioner width. The highly efficient swivel hitch offers a very short turning angle and horizontal oscillation, providing the best manoeuvrability.

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