Series 2 Telescopic Expander

Series 2 Telescopic Expander


  • Terminator Base
  • Super Side Shift
  • Super Pro Base
  • Side Mount Frame
  • Rock Spike Kit
  • PTO Kit Pump & Reservoir Kit
  • Hinge Standard
  • Hinge Hydraulic
  • Digger Hitch Bracket
  • Rock Spike Rotator Ram
  • Rock Spike /Auger Combo
  • Ram Pilot Auger
  • Optional Guard
  • Draw Bar Side Shift
  • Skid Steer Mounting Plate
  • Multi Shift Base


The new King Hitter Telescopic "Expander" post driver again displays the patented innovative engineering skills of Fairbrother Industries.

For the serious Fencing Contractor, Farmer, Rancher or where reasonable lines of fencing in tough terrain are required to be created or maintained. The King Hitter "Expander" is designed for tractor mounting on standard three-point linkage. It comes with a fully hydraulically adjustable Top-Link ram and Variable Mast side-angle adjustment.

The King Hitter Telescopic "Expander" Postdriver can fence in all terrains and environments with the capabilities of being able to fence in low wooded tree lines narrow lanes to fabricating High Deer fences and predator exclusion fences. The "Expander" now offers so much more for the fencer.

The "Expander" is able to used with the full range of accessories that Fairbrother Industries offer to fit all their Kinghitter postdrivers such as the Rock Spike Extractor Kit, the Rock Spike/Combo Auger Kit, or the Side Mounting Super Pro Base/ Terminator base that has a full 900mm side shift Multi Shift Base 500mm side shift and 150mm back shift . The "Expander" becomes another versatile postdriver from the stable of Fairbrother Industries Ltd.


Mounting 3 point linkage Cat 2
Mast Length 3.1mtr –5.1mtrs
Hammers 340kg
Impact 560,000 kpa (80,000lb/sq in)
Tilt Front/Back 10/20 deg -30 Deg Total
Tilt Side/Side 20/20 deg.-40Deg Total
Legs Adjustable
Top Link Hydraulic
Angle Adjustment Hydraulic
Safety Postcap Yes
Safety Guard Optional
Safety Hammer Stop Optional
Max Post Height 3.5mtr
Min. Hydraulic Pressure 14,000 kpa (2,000psi)
Volume Oil/min.av 50ltrs/min
Storage Height 3.5mtr
Shipping Weight 645kg
Shipping Volume From 2 cub mtrs


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