6R Series

R you ready? The 6R-Series.

One part revolution
All 6R tractors have been infused with state-of-the-art know-how from top to bottom: sensational new DirectDrive transmission, unprecedented cab visibility and an integrated technology concept. 

The cutting edge PowerTech PVX engine combines GreenEfficiency fuel economy with uncompromising power. The single fluid direction allows you to just fill up with diesel, like you always have done, and get back to work. 

One part evolution
The 6R Series builds on proven success and durability. We took the best and made it better, enhancing the power, efficiency and flexibility of these legendary tractors. Improvements include a full frame design, three wheelbase options, stronger hydraulics, and an integrated front hitch and heavy-duty PTO. 

A hundred percent John Deere
Merciless and relentless testing is the key to ensuring our tractors deliver the reliability you expect from John Deere. During development, the 6R withstood many years of testing, including wind tunnels, cold rooms, bump tracks, tilt platforms, electrical magnetic interference testing, mud baths and more besides. So you can rest assured that your new 6R is built to endure.


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