6M Series

The 6M advantage

To help you achieve more every day, our 6M Series tractors have been engineered to give you great performance in the fields and on the road. They have all the quality, strength and reliability that you expect from John Deere, plus new, innovative features making them more versatile, powerful and efficient than ever before. 

The achiever 

The John Deere 6M Series has been designed to be your trustworthy partner for all aspects of your agricultural business. Whatever your goals, your 6M tractor will help you achieve them all with ease, day after day.

Brawn with brains 

6M Series Tractors have all the strength you need plus the control technology to manage it perfectly. Power comes from the field-proven John Deere PowerTech™ E or PowerTech PVX engine, offering up to 170 max engine horsepower (per 97/68/EC) on the new 6170M.

Full frame, full flexibility.

All 6M tractors are built upon John Deere’s renowned Full Frame concept, which gives high structural integrity, low vibration levels and lower overall weight. The PFC hydraulic system has been boosted to deal with the extra demands of ancillary equipment, and there is the added flexibility of an integrated front hitch and front PTO.


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