John Deere 960 Variable Chamber Baler

Inside the sturdy frame of the 960 Baler is an industry first: an independent bale chamber with a revolutionary Fast Release System. As soon as a bale is ready, the side walls slide outwards to release it in under 5 seconds, with no sticking or blockages.

Less than 5 seconds to unload baler with the fast release system (FRS) boosts productivity

No gate, no wait

FRS - no gate system

FRS - no gate system

​​A light structure for fast opening

  • A light structure for fast opening

Unloading is unproductive time. With the FRS, the 990 and 960 Balers offer less than 5 seconds unloading time, thereby, reducing bale ejection cycle time, allowing more bales per day. Some competitors require up to 10 more seconds to unload. That means the 900 Series Balers can finish a field one hour earlier than a competitive model based on a 10-hour day.

FRS provides a light structure that opens the chamber quickly and removes belts from the bale. FRS does not require a heavy structure. The FRS gate applies no friction to the side of the bale, allowing the bale to drop quickly unlike competitive machines. There is little stress transmitted to FRS, which can be more than two times lighter than traditional heavy gates. Opening and closing cycles are significantly faster without risk of breakage and with low power requirements.

Moving side sheets release the bale faster

Side of the chamber moves

  • Side of the chamber moves

Moving sidesheets help avoid the bale from getting stuck in the chamber. When the light structure opens, each side of the chamber automatically moves 50 mm. Thus, there is no more contact between the bale and the chamber; the bale is released and quickly falls by its own weight. Even in the worst wet conditions, the unloading process is as efficient as in dry straw.

FRS improves stability in slopes

990 center of gravity (red) vs. 864 (blue)


  • 990 center of gravity (red) vs. 864 (blue)

Opening the gate on steep hills with a traditional bale rmay cause instability. The 900 Series offers safe unloading conditions even in hilly fields.

Without a heavy gate to lift during bale release, the center of gravity hardly moves during the opening process. The global height of the baler stays low and allows ample distance from electrical wires.

Rear canvas protection gives security.

Rear canvas avoids direct contact to belts

  • Rear canvas avoids direct contact to belts

To prevent direct contact between operator and belts when machine is operating, a rear canvas is lowered during the baling process. The protective rear canvas automatically rises during bale unloading.

Unloading ramp gives productivity

Unloading ramp gives smooth/fast bale ejection

  • Unloading ramp gives smooth/fast bale ejection

Optional unloading ramp gives a smooth and fast bale release without reversing tractor-baler combination. By avoiding this additional reverse move, global baler productivity is increased. With ramp extensions, there is no risk of hitting bales when closing the FRS.

The 900 Series unloading ramp links to the frame by a shock absorber, allowing the bale to be smoothly discharged on the ground. With the additional spring, the ramp can quickly return and be firmly hanged in upper position during baling process and road transport, even on uneven ground.

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