Slurry Spreaders

You wanted an efficient effulent handling system!

You told us you needed a hard-working, hard-wearing effluent spreader and that's exactly what we've given you. You needed to save on fertiliser costs and manage waste disposal issues. You needed a spreader with a high-capacity vacuum pump. You wanted a spreader designed to take the load for years and we've given you all that and more.

Top quality European components ensure constant, reliable handling of effluent, day in and day out. All of the tanks are manufactured from 5 or 6mm plate steel, with 6mm domed ends and an integrated chassis and drawbar. A sprung drawbar is optional for all models reducing shock loading to the tractor during transport around the farm.

The vacuum pumps used are rotary vane type Battioni Pagani pumps, which are very low maintenance, and efficiently handle the day to day duty cycles of a farm effluent spreader.

All tanks are built to an exacting standard, and individually pressure tested well above their recommended working pressure to guarantee the build quality and safety in the field.

Capitalise on the valuable nutrients in your effluent and save on fertiliser costs while increasing pasture productivity. Keep your farm environmentally sound with the Giltrap range of slurry spreaders - combining Giltrap's knowledge of Australasia's demanding farm conditions with European experience delivers a spreader ahead of its class.



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Showing 7 of 7 Products (Page 1 of 1)
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