Feed Mixers

Giltrap distribute the quality range of NDE Vertical Mixers in New Zealand.

Ranging from 10 to 32 cubic metres, there is a model to suit your requirements.

The quality of New Direction Equipment Company's products reflect the close relationship with customers, an uncommon attention to detail, and an in-depth knowledge of industry trends.

Recognized as leaders around the globe, NDE take pride in providing their customers with the best. They back that up with quality service and up-to-date advice relevant to your needs.

For any application, it should come as no surprise that NDE vertical mixers represent quality. NDE have worked long and hard to establish their global reputation as innovators in mixer design. Simply stated, the NDE mixer is not just another vertical mixer. NDE set out to discover how a mixer should really work and listened to their customers. As a result, NDE vertical mixers are built with your operation in mind.

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