Giltrap Feed Mixer Dual Auger 2654

Giltrap Feed Mixer Dual Auger 2654


Model 2654
Height 2.82m
Width 2.69m
Length 7.87m
Door width 1.47m
Weight 8038kg
Capacity 23.3m3
Capacity with ext. 27.0m3
PTO speed 1000 rpm
Min. power 97 kW
Knife type Carbide inserts
No. of knives 18
No. of wheels 8
Wheel Type  
Feed discharge Side chute
Main drive type PTO
Wide angle PTO shaft Yes
Scales Yes


Amazing! That is the only way to describe the performance of the NDE dual vertical feed mixer with the patented Step Floor design!

With the front floor 200mm lower than the rear and a 300mm overlap of the auger pattern it is not hard to see why these mixers outmix, outcut and cleanout better than any other twin auger mixer ever built! By adopting this simple design we have created a "flow pattern" that is always moving the feed to the front of the mixer. This concept allows the auger to work together instead of competing with each other like conventional twin auger mixer. If you are still not convinced, just ask someone that owns one!

Standard Features 

  • Front opening door
  • Largest single auger available
  • No corners means no dead spots, less stress and less wear and tear
  • 90% less moving parts than other ordinary mixers
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain - super reliable
  • It has the largest and sharpest cutting blades of any mixer. The patented blades with tungsten inserts are as good as new even after 1500 hours!
  • The best self-cleaning auger shoe on any mixer. The shoe cleans itself like a lug on a tractor tyre
  • Digital scales offering precise easy-to-read information
  • Built in an ISO 9002 certified factory for quality manufacturing
  • 2 speed gearbox
  • Ladder/platform


  • Hydraulic jack
  • Side door
  • Rear door
  • Hard surface auger
  • Wind guard for side conveyor
  • Feed discharge magnet
  • Remote scale readout
  • 2 speed gearbox
  • Feed slide extension
  • Rubber tub extension
  • Longer side conveyor
  • Light kit
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