Giltrap Trailed Bale Feeder

Giltrap Trailed Bale Feeder


Model Generation 2X2
Overall length (forks up) 3.85m
Overall height 1.06m
Overall width 2.98m
Weight 870kg
Feed chain 7500lb 3” roller
Hydraulic drive 2 x Double acting
Axle type Single axle
Axle size 50mm 6 stud
Wheel type 10.0/75-15.3 10 ply
Bale weight rating 2 x 1500kg


Feeding a lot of bales doesn't have to take a long time. The DML Generation 2X2 is quick to load and safe to use. Designed to feed out all types of 4 foot round bales, this machine will also handle square bales including silage and hay. The trailed bale feeder has a low centre of gravity with adjustable width wide wheel spacing, and retains the bale securely in the cradle, making it great for working on and around hills.

The really clever part of this product is a unique hydraulic loading system which is simple to use and offers paramount safety and efficiency. Bales are speared with high tensile tines and slowly placed on the deck in a controlled motion. the bale can be held just above the feeding cradle giving you the opportunity to remove plastic and net wrap safely and quickly, without leaving silage on the ground. After loading the first bale, the tines are retracted and reset to pick up and carry a second bale.

The Generation 2X2 can feed out in either direction. The feeding rate is operator controlled from the tractor for the desired feed row size.

If you are looking for a simple, robust bale feeder with more than 25 years of design and development behind it don't go past a DML Generation 2X2.

Standard Features 

  • Carries 2 bales and will feed 4' round or square hay and silage
  • Zinc plated 6mm steel feeder bars
  • Tapered teeth on bars are aggressive but release feed cleanly
  • 7500lb 3" pitch heavy duty zinc plated roller feed chains
  • Cast iron shaft bearings with built-in chain adjustment facility
  • Drive shafts are fully enclosed so hay and silage won't wrap
  • Full width stainless steel bed contains chopped bale material
  • Feeds to either side
  • Wide wheel track with width adjustment of 120mm per side
  • Swivel tow hitch with 290mm of height adjustment and safety chain attachment
  • Unique 2 stage hydraulic sequence loading system
  • Large diameter pivot pins with replaceable bronze bushes on the lift system pivots
  • High tensile pick up tines
  • Quick lift telescopic jack stand
  • 6 stud axles rated to 2700kg


Bolt on safety bars with hay tines to assist feeding square bales 

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