Drive Green 2015 WINNER

Date: Thursday, 25 February 2016
Posted by: Steph Alexander

MATAURA, NEW ZEALAND - Allan Currie of Smithfield Farm, was amidst topping a paddock when he received the phone call from John Deere Ltd in Brisbane. When Allan heard John Deere was calling, his initial thought was ‘what have I done?’ but he was soon pleasantly surprised to find out he had won the 2015 Drive Green Grand prize, a new John Deere X758 Signature Series Tractor complete with a 60” deck.

Allan Currie attended Southland Farm Machinery’s Drive Green event in Gore last October, with his two sons, Andrew and Peter, and signed up for the promotion, dreaming such a prize would be won in the deepest parts of New Zealand.

Event attendees had the opportunity to enter the draw to win the grand prize on offer from John Deere Ltd, valued at over $20,000. Thousands of entries flooded in from Drive Green events across New Zealand and Australia. Allan Currie and his wife Sylvie, were “over the moon” about receiving such a “generous prize” and are very excited to be able to share their most recent Deere edition with the family.

The Currie family have a long history of farming, with the family first purchasing the Smithfield property back in 1892. 134 years on the family still proudly own the 400 acre property 15 minutes, south of Gore and have no intentions of moving anywhere, anytime soon. With one of their daughters, Sharron overseeing the farms accounts, daughter Hazel and husband Alister, along with their two sons, Andrew and Peter, owning properties just a stone’s throw away, the Currie family works closely together to maintain the 2,850 acres they collectively own.

Allan and his wife Sylvie, purchased their first John Deere in the 1980’s, a 3140, purchased from Southland Farm Machinery in Gore. Since then, the Curries have owned many John Deere machines and now share their love for green and yellow with their four children and son in law Alister, together owning 6 John Deere tractors. The family’s tractors range from a John Deere 8R right down to a 2305 Sub-Compact Utility Tractor and now an X758. The Currie family intend on using their new X758 for maintaining their properties around Mataura.

Michael O’Neill, Gore Sales Representative for Southland Farm Machinery “couldn’t be happier for them. They are very deserving winners and have been a part of Southland Farm Machinery from the very beginning, to see them win this prize is wonderful”.

Southland Farm Machinery Ltd annually hosts four Drive Green events across Southland and Otago Regions. These events are an opportunity for the public to get a taste for what it’s like to Drive Green, with a full range of machinery on display.


Above: Michael O’Neill, Gore Sales Representative for Southland Farm Machinery and Allan Currie, Drive Green Grand Prize Winner 2015. 

Above: Allan and Sylvie Currie's property that has been in the family since 1892.

Above: Allan Currie and one of just a handfull of Alpaca he has on his Mataura property, 15 minutes South of Gore, New Zealand. 

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