Date: Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Reliability is the key to the continued success of John Deere tractors in the South, according to Southland Farm 
Machinery Sales Manager Peter Shirley.

‘The resale value back into the market is a huge plus, too. Their reliability is so well known, they hold their value really well. 
When they’re traded in, it’s not a big step up to a new model at all.‘

John Deere is Southland’s largest selling tractor brand and Peter Shirley does not expect that to change any time soon. ‘‘John Deere tractors are certainly as popular as ever with southern farmers,’’ he said. 

Southland Farm Machinery, in its 19th year, is a locally owned company with four branches across Southland and Otago. During that time, their Invercargill, Gore, Mosgiel and Cromwell outlets have all continued to see strong interest in both new and used John Deere tractors. Mr Shirley puts the success down to the brand’s reliability. ‘‘That is definitely John Deere’s biggest asset, they are such reliable machines. ‘‘The feedback we get is that farmers simply can’t afford to have unreliable machinery, its costly and frustrating.’’ 

The John Deere brand appealed to a range of customers, Mr Shirley said. ‘‘We have great clients who have been coming to us for their machinery needs for generations. ‘‘We have formed some great associations with a lot of great southern farming families. ‘‘When they keep coming back it’s a real endorsement for the tractors we sell.’’ 

The brand was just as popular with younger farmers and those looking to get started in agriculture. ‘‘Young farmers can’t always buy everything at once, so they need to be smart about choosing where to invest their capital. ‘‘We are seeing a lot of newer and younger clients who are keen to get into a John Deere.’’ 

The 6000 series was a big part of John Deere’s continued success, he said. ‘‘Since the introduction of the 6000 series, the market has just grown for these tractors.’’ Consistent strong demand for John Deere machinery meant good stock was always on hand. ‘‘The 6000 series especially are always in high demand so we always have good access to stock,’’ Peter Shirley said.

Part of the appeal of the range was its ability to retain value. ‘‘The resale value back into the market is a huge plus, too. 

‘‘Their reliability is so well known, they hold their value really well. 
‘‘When they’re traded in, its not a big step up to a new model at all.’’
The backing of John Deere Financial meant farmers in a range of financial positions could reap the rewards of investing in new or used tractor. ‘‘The availability of tailored John Deere finance packages make these tractors accessible to farmers all across 
the South. ‘‘Farmers find the John Deere finance system really easy, which helps, too.’’ 

SFML also offers finance options for servicing and maintenance. ‘‘We have winter servicing and finance solutions for all repairs and maintenance.’’ Farmers interested in John Deere tractors are welcome to call or visit their local Branch, or go to

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