A Lifestyle Choice

Date: Tuesday, 21 July 2015
Posted by: Stephanie Alexander

A lifestyle choice

John Deere has once again redefined the sub-compact tractor category with the introduction of the John Deere 1 family tractors. The new 1025R and 1023E were designed from the ground-up and are perfect for lifestyle properties.
The 1025R
With hundreds of hours of customer feedback shaping and moulding its design, the 1025R offers lifestyle farmers more power, features and versatility. The new 1025R has a 17.8 kW, threecylinder diesel engine that delivers responsive, efficient horsepower in any application. Comfortable Twin Touch™ pedal controls and hydrostatic transmission give you precise speed control with smooth directional changes. Plus, both four-wheel drive (4WD) and power steering are standard. Together, they give the 1025R excellent manoeuvrability in all types of conditions, and make operation a snap. Add in all the other features that come with a 1025R – like the premium seat and suspension, tilt steering, tool box, and deluxe lighting kit.
The first thing you’ll notice when you sit in a 1025R is how easy it is to get on and off. The step-through flat platform and fender mounted handrails see to that. The controls are colourcoded and located next to the fenders for ease of reach and identification. Close inspection of the down-sloped hood reveals rock-solid polycarbonate construction that resists the scratches and dents sheet metal hoods tend to collect. Thick rubber floor mats provide a shock and noise absorbent barrier you’ll appreciate when spending multiple hours on your tractor.
The 1023E
It may come at a compact price but there’s nothing compact about its capabilities. Like the 1025R, it sports the widest stance in the category for greater stability. And the rugged stamped-steel deck includes reliable, dial-type height-of-cut control as well as integrated independent lift. The 1023E has plenty of comfort features as well: adjustable seat, effortless Twin Touch™ hydrostatic transmission, and colour-coded controls for easy identifcation. And when you factor in attachment-friendly features like mower decks with AutoConnect™, Quik-Park™ H-Series Loaders, and iMatch™ Quick Hitch, the 1023E redefines value in the sub-compact category. Both 1 family tractors feature a standard four-wheel drive for extra traction in slick conditions and increased drawbar pull. Also, differential lock is standard with on-the-go engagement for more traction. The fender is contour-moulded and positioned for a clean, natural look. It’s also large enough to handle containers, tools, mobile phones, etc. And naturally, it’s easily within reach. Notice the handy, built-in 12-volt charger (1R only).
Twin Touch foot controls are faster, easier, and more precise to operate than a treadle pedal design found on other tractors. The rugged hydrostatic transmission
delivers infinite grounds speeds, even at full throttle. And you don’t have to clutch once you change direction. The foldable Roll-Gard ROPS is also standard on the 1023E. Retractable seat belts are located on the fender to keep the belt from being tangled in the seat suspension or controls. With dozens and dozens of John Deere
implements, ranging from backhoes to tillers, you can work your land from sunup to sundown. And, thanks to the iMatch™ Quick-Hitch compatible implements, getting
attachments on and off takes less time.
If you’re planning to use your 1 Family Tractor for heavy loader applications, a premium H120 loader is up to the task. You’ll appreciate the higher lift capacity (434kg) and integrated Quik-Park mounting system. Or, go with the basic D120 loader for proven power and reliability (429kg) no matter the load. Whichever you choose, you’ll appreciate a max lift height up to 1809mm.

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