8R Series Tractors

Date: Monday, 22 September 2014

8R Series Tractor

The evolution of John Deere’s popular workhorse 8R Series Tractors continues in 2014 with the launch of six new wheel and three new track models. Continuing their dual-power strategy for the Australian and New Zealand marketplace, the latest 8R Series Tractors are available with US EPA Final Tier 4 or US EPA Tier 2 engines ranging from 180 to 272 kW (245 to 370 hp). These 2014 models integrate the latest technology to provide the utmost in power, comfort and performance for row-crop tractors in this class.

The new 8R/8RT Series Tractors feature a new CommandARM™ console and a 25.4 cm (10-in.) Display, along with other cab improvements that enhance operator comfort and convenience. Additional new options include LED lights, larger wheels/tyres, and increased hydraulic capabilities.


The nine new 8R/8RT models include:


Engine kW (hp*)

PTO kW (hp†)



180 (245)

149 (200)

16-Sp. PST or IVT


199 (270)

167 (225)

16-Sp. PST or IVT


217 (295)

184 (247)

16-Sp. PST or IVT


235 (320)

200 (269)

16-Sp. PST or IVT


254 (345)

216 (291)

IVT only


272 (370)

233 (313)

IVT only


235 (320)

196 (264)

IVT only


254 (345)

213 (286)

IVT only


272 (370)

229 (308)

IVT only


All models are available with a John Deere PowerTech™ Engine (compliant with US EPA Tier 2 emissions regulations) or a John Deere PowerTech PSS™ Engine (compliant with US EPA Final Tier 4 emissions regulations).

* Rated Engine power PS (hp ISO) at, 2100 engine rpm (97/68EC)
† Rated PTO power (hp SAE) at, 2100 engine rpm

Engineered to provide uncompromised performance in the field, both wheel and track models are available with the John Deere PowerTech™ PSS 9.0L SCR engines that meet U.S EPA Final Tier 4 emissions regulations with outstanding fluid economy. This engine uses John Deere’s highly efficient selective catalytic reduction system, which builds upon the Interim Tier 4 DOC/DPF exhaust filter solution for emission reductions, says Steve Wright, Marketing Manager, John Deere Limited.

“We also recognise the need to provide Australian and New Zealand producers with choice when it comes to engine preference, which is why we also offer Tier 2 engines in the new 8R Series Tractors,” says Wright.

“The more economically priced Tier 2 engine provides no fuss power and performance and exceptional customer value.”

“We’ve also increased the engine power ratings of all 8R models and boosted the max hydraulic flow capacity by up to 41 percent to 321 LPM (85 gpm). This 8R option allows customers to operate at reduced engine speed while handling larger implements such as planters that require high, constant flow rates,” Wright says.

The new 8R Tractors are available with a 16-speed PowerShift™ or a John Deere Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT™). The 8345R, 8370R and all three track models feature the IVT as standard equipment. In addition, Group 49 rear tyres are available on all wheel models which helps improve traction, increase load-carrying capacity, and reduce soil compaction in the field because of a larger tyre footprint.

Another important feature that customers will see on the latest 8R/8RT Tractors is a completely redesigned CommandARM with improved ergonomics and integration of intuitive controls for the major tractor functions such as AutoTrac™ resume, throttle, transmission, SCVs, PTO and hitch. The CommandARM comes with a 25.4 cm (10-in.) 4600 CommandCenter Display that swivels with the operator and can be equipped with John Deere GreenStar™ software such as AutoTrac. The 4600 CommandCenter Display has 800 x 600 DPI resolution, four USB inputs, four video inputs, and has 32 GB of memory.

“The new CommandARM with the larger CommandCenter Display adds greatly to the improved operator control and comfort of latest 8R and 8RT Tractors. The new display is easy to use and operators can customise the pages to view the functions that are most important,” Wright adds. “It comes standard as a touch-screen display with video-streaming capabilities for remote cameras that can be attached to planters or other implements.”

Other changes include a new CommandView™ III Cab with a 40-degree right-hand swivel operator’s seat, which gives operators a more comfortable unrestricted view to the rear of the tractor and implements. Other features include choice of optional ActiveSeat™ or Active Hydro-pneumatic Cab Suspension Plus, the cab suspension system that automatically adjusts ride quality based on terrain and operator preference. New 8Rs also come with an optional refrigerator to the left of the operator’s seat.

“For models ordered with the US EPA Final Tier 4 engine, we’ve designed the new CommandView III Cab with laminated glass, a strategically placed insulation barrier, and an optional carpet floor mat to reduce noise and vibrations. Other enhancements include additional sunshades, window wipers, and improved key location, which are complemented by the swivel seat to make it a quieter and more comfortable work environment,” he says.

For customers wanting a track tractor, the 8RT models provide a highly versatile track platform with configuration options capable of meeting a wide variety of operations and row spacings. These new track tractors are enhanced with the same engine, cab, control and technology features highlighted with the wheel models. Both the 8Rs and 8RTs come with JDLink™ and John Deere Farmsight™ capabilities for improved visibility to operational and machine data via Wireless Data Transfer and Remote Display Access.

“The new 8R family of tractors provides the industry’s most advanced performance, power, comfort and technology features available in the 180 to 272 kW range,” Wright concludes. “With the selection of power and optional features available, these 8R/8RT tractors will fit a wide variety of farming operations and provide years of reliable service in the field.”

For more information on the 8R Series Tractors, view our products online or call your local dealer today. 

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